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All inquiries must be generated from the heart, as well as the solutions and services. Our goal is to build an established line of communication that can be held in a Heart to Heart matter.

We provide a transparent service for a transparent client.

Now, let's have a Heart to Heart!



Life is a JOURNEY

with ups, downs

Twists and turns.

#iShift #weShift

The Heart Coach

Internal to External Transformation

Life is a JOURNEY with many ups, downs, twist, and turns. Our core "OUR HEART" is the key component to how we react, respond, make decisions, and many other things as we journey. A true reflection inward is the beginning of an impactful transformation activating to your divine FREEDOM and PEACE! I am the HEART COACH that encourages you in your authentic transformation. #iSHIFT #weSHIFT


The Strategist

Educational & Business Consultant

Education is a HEART MATTER! We provide professional learning and development for teachers and leaders.


We specialize in:

  • Self-efficacy

  • Teacher efficacy

  • Culturally relevant teaching and learning

  • The effects of implicit biases (in a class, building and district)

  • School to prison pipeline,

  • Mental health and trauma in the classroom

  • Restorative practices

  • Closing the school to home gap

            and more...

Contact us to further discuss



The Exhorter


HEART to HEART allows the fire from within to reignite, reset and fuel YOUR passion. This will create an atmosphere for perspectives to shift and hearts to be purged, pruned, transformed and empowered.


Heart to Heart specializes in events focused on:

  • Leadership

  • Education

  • Community empowerment

  • Family engagement

  • Parenting

  • Teenage pregnancy

  • Domestic violence

  • Ministry events

and more...


Contact us to further discuss.




The commitment of Heart to Heart is to serve individuals, businesses, educational entities, ministries, and groups for the fulfillment in their divine purpose. 


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