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"It's how we journey."

Heart 2 Heart Services is a vehicle

to activate your internal GPS,

(G)ainful (P)erspective (S)hifts.

About Us

Dr. J. Le'Ray

A transplant from North Carolina, Dr. Johni Cruse Craig, affectionately referred to as Dr. J. Le’Ray, currently resides in Maryland with her wonderful husband, Marvin Craig. She is a published author of several scholarly journals and op-ed articles, a nationally sought-after educational trainer and workshop facilitator, as well as a topical teacher of spiritual matters in life coaching series. Dr. J. Le'Ray is a spirit on a journey serving in many capacities to complete her divine assignments as she walks in her divine calling as a "Shifter".


A former elementary and middle school science educator, she presently serves as the national project director for two educational programs (Delta Teacher Efficacy Campaign – DTEC and Teacher Advocating to lead Great change – T.A.G.) of the Delta Research and Educational Foundation in collaboration with Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated. These programs exist to train educators on evidence-based pedagogy as well as equipping them to advocate for a quality education for all around the belief coined by Dr. J. Le’Ray – Education: It’s A Heart Matter!®. She believes with a strong conviction that EVERYTHING is a heart matter and founded Heart to Heart Services, LLC on this premise where she serves as CEO. Additionally, she is an Engagement Counselor for a national research program focused on improving health care disparities for everyone, an assignment that allows her to connect with community leaders to lead grassroots efforts.


Dr. J. Le’Ray has many passions that include teaching others, helping others, cooking, serving as an education advocate and working to engage communities around specific topics. Her goal is to unite, empower and equip each soul along the journey as she SHIFTS mindsets and perspectives. Lastly, Dr. J. Le’Ray enjoys doing life with her son, Ja’Quez, her twin grandgirls, their mother, Kayla, her mother, siblings, friends and a host of other family members.

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