We talk to ourselves...everyday...all day as it is our desire to be self-disciplined as we journey!
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Meditation is KEY!

Daily meditation must be consistent and is critical for divine transformation at the HEART level. The S.A.W. Room is filled with meditation material. The graphics, writings, videos and quotes are all places to begin a deeper dive into certain topics. We share as led knowing that the releases are ordained for assigned souls.



This Heart 2 Heart Daily Devotional is a 31 day transformational journey that leads the soul to create a habit of consistent meditation and devotion utilizing a metacognitive processing routine. The daily topics were critical in the shifting of Dr. J. Le’Ray’s perspectives, mindset and heart transformation. They will encourage, equip, inspire and ignite the fire within each vessel to arise and lead on purpose.


This journal allows the reader to know and understand that life is most certainly a journey with many moving components. In authentic self-reflection, the reader will master the art of “checking self” from the inside out, accepting & confronting what is revealed, and receiving deliverance leading to true transformation at the heart level.


It is important to always remember that true transformation is a process that requires consistent daily meditation and application. As we journey, let us go deeper into right relationship with Abba Father. Here is to divine alignment from obedience, without hesitation or alteration, as we advance the Kingdom… one soul at a time.


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An authentic self-reflection journey to transform the Spots And Wrinkles (SAW) of the heart. Everything is a heart matter and it is our duty and responsibility to take time the time to go deeper into self for divine insight and instructions to truly check ourselves and receiving what is revealed to transform at the heart level. Authenticity and transparency breed PEACE & POWER! This journal pairs well with the Heart 2 Heart Daily Devotional: 31 Day Transformational Journal.

Found in Favor - Dr. J. Le'Ray - Featured Speaker

The Found in Favor audio features speakers that share their story of God's favor on and in their life and their understanding of how to recognize it! This empowerment series of speakers will be provoking and life-changing. Dr. J. Le'Ray shares how we all are found in favor simply because of who and whose we are and the prerequisites and conditions to walk in it daily.


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