Heart 2 Heart Services creates a professional environment in any setting, with matters based from the HEART. If an issue flows from the HEART, then its solution will as well. We provide a dedicated service to ALL HEARTS that are willing to share the same.

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We are a change consultant in the perspective arena! Our variety of inclusive services are designed with change agents like you in mind. We shift entire organizational perspectives by creating and activating change and empowering internal innovators to sustain and demonstrate the shift, while abolishing intellectual laziness. Our unique approach includes professional development workshops & seminars, aimed at renewing minds and revealing matters of the heart!

#iShift #weShift

Heart 2 Heart provides education and development to a variety of change agents. Amongst these innovators are Educators (Public, Private, Charter Networks), Organizations (Regional, National, International), Health and Human Services Agencies, and Transformational Ministries. We also exist to serve the teenage & single mothers, at-promise youth, millennials, and community leaders in underrepresented communities. #iShift #weShift

An authentic HEART allows the fire from within to reignite, reset and fuel other HEARTS with that internal passion.

Dr. Johni Cruse Craig



Dr. J. Le'Ray 

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Heart 2 Heart Services



"Dr. Cruse Craig is a momentum shift!"

Dr. Cruse Craig is a momentum shift; guiding a multitude of hearts as God's mouth piece, prophetically speaking into hearts and souls. She has an Educator's Heart which is what education is all about (the heart)."

Crystal M. Edwards

 Empowering Single Moms, Inc.

Philadelphia Tri-State Area


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